A Journalist’s Mission to Amplify Community Voices

In remote Kabwum district in Morobe Province, Kevin Dayonga grew up fascinated by the mysteries of the world. From the vanishing sun to the prospect of rainwater filling the ocean, his curious mind pondered it all. But it was the mechanics of radio voices that truly captured his attention.

Jopok’s qualification benefits his society

Jopok Akepalua dreamed of becoming a priest, but things didn’t work out the way he thought they would. While studying at St Fidelis College, a seminary in Madang, he was called back to his district, Kagua-Erave in the Southern Highlands, to teach grade six due to a shortage of teachers.

Inclusive education in Bougainville

Anne Lydia Dandava always believed that education was the key to a better future. Growing up in a Runa village, located at the fringe of Arawa town, southeast of Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Anne knew firsthand the struggles that many of her peers faced in accessing quality education

Leading the way in education through mentorship

Nestled in the heart of East Sepik Province, Ambunti-Drekikir District is a place of incredible beauty and immense challenges. For Hillary Suamba, growing up in this community was a lesson in the power of perseverance and the importance of education. After completing...

From secondary school teacher to university lecturer

Noelynn Darius’s commitment and qualification through Australia Awards PNG have elevated her from a secondary school teacher to a university lecturer.

“I am a devoted alumna of the Papua New Guinea Australia Alumni Association. Being a member of this professional association has fashioned me to attain and perform in my new role as a lecturer here at the University of Goroka, as of this year. This network has been really profitable,” she claims.

Ismael Sunga’s career expansion

“The impact my Australia Award had for my work is huge. I can now confidently perform my work and at the same time impart knowledge and skills to other colleagues. I encourage other public officials to apply for Australia Awards,” says Ismael Sunga, Assistant Secretary for Extractive Industries in the PNG Department of Treasury and Australia Awards alumni.

PNG plant scientist participates in International Symposium

“The symposium was an eye-opener for me as I learned that several plant diseases in PNG such as the Bogia Coconut Syndrome and Banana Wilt Associated Phytoplasma are vectored by hemipterans,” says Noah Saruwa, Agriculture Scientist, and Australia Awards awardee.What’s...

Fishing for success in a new industry for PNG

Aquaculture is an emerging industry in Simbu, with great potential to improve food security and expand livelihood opportunities, thanks to the abundant freshwater resources in the province, especially for freshwater fish species. Australia Awards PNG alumna and...

Breaking new ground for women in PNG

Since she was a little girl, Tania Areori always wanted to be a vet – despite there being no other female vets in PNG. And after completing a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University through Australia Awards PNG, she has achieved this dream, becoming...

The creative PhD journey of Dr Yalamu

A lecturer for arts and design at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), Dr. Philemon Yalamu, published four journals while studying and established a virtual creative hub after being conferred a PhD in Computer Science and Software Engineering through Australia...
Successful alumna says scholarship is more than just a degree

Successful alumna says scholarship is more than just a degree

“The Australia Awards scholarships are very fitting as they are aimed at the development needs of PNG,” says Jeanne Tareasi (pictured above, far left), alumna and advocate of the Australia Awards PNG. “You will be supported every step of the way by the Australia...

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Passion recognised with a Queen’s honour

Passion recognised with a Queen’s honour

When disability advocate Ipul Powaseu found out that she would be receiving an Order of the British Empire’s (OBE) Queen’s Honour medal, she felt humbled and determined to finish what she started. Ipul was recognised in October 2021 with a Queen’s Honour medal for her...

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A bright future ahead of lost years

A bright future ahead of lost years

Challenges in pursuing education is a familiar story across Papua New Guinea. For father of three John Timothy (pictured above), such a story is all too real. Now that he's about to complete his master's degree as an Australia Awards scholar, John looks back on his...

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Leading from the front to tackle COVID-19

Leading from the front to tackle COVID-19

Rose Begani (pictured above) admits she was hesitant at first to get a COVID-19 vaccination but that soon changed after she researched and examined the facts. “I considered that vaccines have saved lives from preventable diseases such as polio, smallpox and TB and...

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