An Australia Awards Scholarship is an opportunity to transform development policy. Bougainvillean Fidelis Golu knows this firsthand as an alumni. Since completing a Master of Public Policy at The Australian National University (ANU) in 2009, Fidelis has pursued a policymaking career.

“The scholarship is not just an opportunity for personal development but also a platform empowering you to contribute significantly to positive change in Papua New Guinea (PNG). I’m now equipped to formulate informed policies, to drive positive change and address the multifaceted challenges that lie ahead,” Fidelis said.

Fidelis is now a Program Analyst for UN Women after more than 20 years of working on economic and social development in the public sector. This transition was fueled by his passion for gender-inclusive policy solutions and women’s economic empowerment.

“The Scholarship has played a pivotal role in my current work and deepened my commitment to promoting gender equality. This has translated into tangible contributions in my role at UN Women, where I actively participate in crafting policies and programs that empower women and address gender disparities.”

“To be in a position to influence policies, I’m able to contribute to the holistic development of the country, fostering a more equitable, prosperous, and participatory environment for all,” he said.