As Legal Manager with Abt Associates, Lisa-Marie Tepu leads contracting activities for the PNG Australia Governance Facility. The initiative will design and implement most of Australia’s future governance portfolio under the strategic direction of the Australian and Papua New Guinea Governments. Lisa is well qualified for the role with extensive experience at Abt Associates and a Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne through an Australia Awards scholarship.

“The content of each of my subjects was very relevant and took into account real world scenarios, such as COVID-19. All my lecturers were amazing, very knowledgeable and were from different backgrounds. They challenged some pre-conceived notions I had about the way things work in international law. I was encouraged to think critically about the different influencers and power dynamics that shape international law, and its impact on nations, particularly developing nations like PNG.”

Lisa’s colleagues at Abt were supportive on her decision to apply for a scholarship.  Although she had to resign from her role as Senior Legal Officer to take up her studies, Lisa felt it was worthwhile in the long run. Backed by her new knowledge and qualification, Lisa applied for her current role and was successful through a competitive process.

“My studies have given me a better perspective of the interplay between international development, and international law in general. I have a better appreciation of overarching international arrangements, politics and other forces, that when drilled down, determine what commercial or project arrangements are put in place on the ground. As an active citizen who looks to contribute to nation building, understanding these influences is important to me.”

Lisa also feels that her experiences have reinforced her general philosophy to be open to different cultures, politics and people. She encourages others to consider applying.

“Studying abroad is a challenging and rewarding experience. If you do get a scholarship, I suggest you choose to study something you are passionate about and try to keep an open mind about what that qualification will mean for your next job.”

Apply now to study in Australian in 2023. Applications close 29 April 2022.