Study in PNG for a Bachelor of Midwifery

How do I begin?

Applicants will need to nominate up to two preferred institutions for study. If offered a scholarship, it will include one of your nominated institutions. You cannot change this institution. You can nominate one institution only, but as you will only be considered for this institution this may reduce your likelihood of receiving a scholarship.

The scholarship is open to women and men.

This Scholarship is for study in PNG, not Australia

To be eligible you must:

  • meet the conditions of entry for your preferred institutions
  • be a citizen of PNG and residing in PNG at the time of application
  • not have been convicted of a criminal offence
  • not have been terminated from a previous Australia Awards scholarship for misconduct
  • hold a PNG nursing qualification
  • have two years’ minimum recent employment as a practicing nurse
  • be fully registered with the PNG nursing council
  • if employed in a NGO facility, have endorsement from your employer for LWOP or leave with pay
  • if you are permanent employee of a Government of PNG health services you must have employer approval via the training committee process in accordance with PNG National Public Service General Order Training.

Employer Endorsement should come from an appropriately senior officer with the authority to grant you leave from your post to undertake the scholarship. If you are a permanent employee of a Government of PNG facility your endorsement must come via your organisation’s training committee process and be signed off by a senior officer in charge of human resources (endorsement will be verified during eligibility checks). Nurses employed on a temporary or casual basis do not require endorsement, however, it is strongly recommended.

For Study in 2020, the Australian Government will offer scholarships for currently registered nurses to study a Bachelor of Midwifery at the following PNG institutions:

Note: Course duration is 1.5 year (18 months) across three semesters

  • Lutheran School of Nursing
  • Pacific Adventist University
  • DWU St Mary’s School of Nursing (women only)
  • University of Goroka
  • University of Papua New Guinea


Applications for Bachelor of Midwifery for study in 2020 are closed