Types of Awards

SCAM ALERT - Beware of fake Australia Awards Scholarships websites being shared on social media accounts

There have been reports of fake websites offering scholarships and visas to international students. Please be advised that Australia Awards Scholarships does not engage any agents or individuals to process scholarship applications. Application must be completed and submitted through the Online Australia Awards Scholarships Information System: https://oasis.dfat.gov.au/


Master’s by Coursework

Around 90% of the scholarships are offered each year to study a master’s by coursework in priority sectors and study topics.

Applicants who obtained their first Master’s degree from a PNG institution may apply for a second Master’s. However, the proposed second Masters must be in a different field or area of specialisation.

Applicants who obtained their first Masters from an institution overseas are not allowed to apply for a second Masters. This is to provide equal opportunity for all PNG citizens to study overseas.



A limited number of undergraduate scholarships (approximately 5% of awards) are offered each year for programs not available for study in PNG and for study with disability. All undergraduate applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for scholarships, including at least two years of work experience.

Study programs that may be considered for undergraduate level scholarships include:

  • agribusiness
  • animal and veterinary science
  • aviation management
  • biosecurity and quarantine
  • disability studies and developmental, inclusive and special education
  • forensic science
  • maritime management
  • sports science and sports management

AAPNG does not accept scholarship applications for undergraduate study in arts, business, commerce, communications, computer science, IT, law, engineering, justice studies, management, nursing, public policy, or any other programs offered in PNG or not listed under eligible undergraduate programs.

The scholarship does not support application for a second bachelor’s degree or study at diploma, certificate or associate degree level.

For details, see the factsheet on undergraduate scholarships.


PhD and Masters by Research

A limited number of scholarships (approximately 5% of awards) are offered each year for research degrees (PhD, Masters by Research, Master’s in Philosophy) for those employed in research or teaching positions at a PNG higher education and research institution.

Applicants are required to submit a detailed research proposal and confirmation from the proposed supervisor who has agreed to supervise the research in an Australian institution.

Applicants must attend a pre-application interview at AAPNG before submitting their application.

For details, see the factsheet on research degree scholarships.