Workplace Projects

To ensure that participants apply learnings within their organisations and wider community, participation in Short Course Awards is underpinned by a workplace project. All participants are required to develop and implement a small workplace project which is related to the course topic and learning objectives that utilises the knowledge and skills gained from the course.

The proposed workplace project should contribute to your organisation and its priorities and look to:

  • Pass on new skills and knowledge to others.
  • Apply new skills in daily work.
  • Contribute to the development or implementation of policies, guidelines, practices or standards, or to strategic management.

Workplace projects must be achievable in an eight to 12-month period and be supported by your employer/organisation. Australia Awards will not provide additional funding for workplace projects.

Focus areas of workplace projects are determined in consultation with the participant and their employer, taking into consideration organisational needs and desired outputs and outcomes. It is important that workplace projects are endorsed by the organisation before participants commence.

A copy of the workplace template to be completed as part of any Short Course Award application can be found here.

  • Questions to consider when planning your workplace project
  • Is the workplace project in line with my job? (Must be in line with your job, organisational priorities and align to the specific short course objectives)
  • What organisational need, issue or opportunity will the workplace project respond to? (Consider research documents and reports)
  • What broader organisational objective will the workplace project align with? (Refer to corporate and strategic plans)
  • What PNG development priority does the workplace project align with? (See Vision 2050 or other policy documents)









Training manual for guidance officers and teachers by Philip So’On

Coordinating Partnership Forum to campaign for immunization programs by Martha Hilenungu Salihombo, Acting Deputy Director of Public Health at New Ireland Provincial Health Authority

Systematic literature review by Hannelly Kiromat-Geno, Senior Project Manager at Marie Stopes PNG

Improving community development through bulb onion project by Tony Sulupin, Project Coordinator at Lagaip Proverty Relivers Association

Impacting STEM Education in Papua New Guinea by David Kozar