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SCAM ALERT - Beware of fake Australia Awards Scholarships websites being shared on social media accounts

There have been reports of fake websites offering scholarships and visas to international students. Please be advised that Australia Awards Scholarships does not engage any agents or individuals to process scholarship applications. Application must be completed and submitted through the Online Australia Awards Scholarships Information System:

Application Dates

For study commencing in Australia in 2025:
Opening date:      1 February 2024

Closing date:        30 April 2024

Applications and/or supporting documents received after the closing date will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted online at the OASIS website

Applicants must read the OASIS Intake 2025 User Guide for Applicants (available now) before commencing their application.

There is no fee to submit a scholarship application. All applicant information materials and forms are provided free of charge.

OASIS Application Tips

  • You must register for your own unique OASIS log-in and password.
  • Do not submit your application using another person’s log-in and password.
  • We recommend using a non-work email address, such as Gmail or Hotmail. Work emails may have firewalls that block outside addresses and at times can be offline.
  • Consider using a reliable email account for your scholarship application.
  • It is recommended OASIS be accessed using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • You do not need to start, finish and submit your application all at once. You can complete your application over a period of time and save it as you go.
  • Each page will begin with Help Text, which explains how to complete the application page.
  • If you do not complete the mandatory fields on the application page, an error message will appear in red.
  • The answer boxes on each application page have character limits. Characters are letters, spaces and punctuation marks. If you exceed the character limit, an error will appear and your response might not save until you reduce the number of characters.
  • A checklist is shown in OASIS on the left hand side of the webpage. A tick symbol indicates that the application section has been completed. The (x) symbol indicates the section is incomplete.
  • All attachments must be 2MB or less.

OASIS Registration Steps:

  1. Type into your Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser
  2. Click Logon / Register
  3. Click on Register New Account
  4. Register with your email, name (as per ID document/ passport), date of birth and contact number
  5. A temporary password will then be sent to your email address
  6. Log in with the temporary password provided and follow the instructions to set a new password
  7. You now have access to the application system

Helpful tip

An asterisk (*) symbol is shown next to mandatory questions, which you must complete. If you leave a mandatory question blank, the system will not let you submit your application. You must complete all mandatory questions

What makes a good application?

  • Applicant must read and research about their sectoral issues and development needs and appropriate courses in Australia before preparing their application.
  • Application statements must be clear, concise and focused. The statements must demonstrate a clear understanding of the scholarship objectives and PNG development agenda.
  • Personal, study and national plans should align together: applicants need to show relationship between personal, career goals and PNG development needs.
  • Applicant’s course preferences must illustrate relevance to applicant’s academic background and current employment, career plans and human resource and development needs of their sector and PNG.
  • Referee reports should provide adequate information on the applicant’s skills and knowledge and include references to applicant’s study and reintegration plans.
  • The reintegration plan must clearly outline how the new skills and knowledge the applicant will gain in Australia will contribute towards development in PNG and proposed improved policy and practice in current sector or agency.
  • Ensure all required documents are submitted. Any missing document will make the application non-compliant and ineligible for further assessment.
  • Applicants are advised to consult with AAPNG Scholarship Team in preparing for their application.
  • If possible, applications must be submitted before the deadline to avoid any technical issues with the online application system. The system slows down on the last day of application because of high number of users.
  • PUBLIC SERVANT applicants must ensure that they have complied and submitted all required documents (including training bid and nomination from their agency head) to the Department of Personal Management to support their application. Failure to do so will make the application non-compliant and ineligible for further assessments.

Application Checklist

Application Checklist: Bachelor/master’s by coursework applicants

□ I have answered all mandatory questions on OASIS.

I have attached the following documents:

□ Certified copy of valid ID ( NID or valid passport or driver’s license + birth certificate)

□ Certified academic certificates and transcript

□ Reintegration plan

□ Academic referee report

□ Professional referee report

□ Curriculum vitae

Application Checklist: PhD and MPhil/master’s by research degree applicants

□ I have consulted with AAPNG regarding my application.

□ I have answered all mandatory questions on OASIS.

I have attached the following documents:

□ Certified copy of valid ID (NID or valid passport or driver’s license + birth certificate)

□ Certified academic certificates and transcript

□ Reintegration plan

□ Two academic referee reports

□ Professional referee report

□ Curriculum vitae

□ Confirmation from supervisor

□ Research proposal summary

□ Any journal articles