The Australia Awards PNG Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) is brightening up the Bewani Health Centre in Sandaun Province with new lights in the delivery room, improved water supply, and a ramp for accessibility.  

On a visit to the health centre back in 2019, Domi Min, the Acting Deputy Director for Public Health at the West Sepik Provincial Health Authority and an Australia Awards alumnus had noticed that the facility lacked vital essentials like adequate water supply and lighting. This made it difficult for health workers to attend to patients especially during emergencies and labour cases.  

 “I said to myself, why not apply for the AGS to get funding and install water supply and lighting at this facility?” 

 So Domi applied and was successfully in getting a AGS to improve the facilities. 

 Now completed, the project is benefiting more than 5,000 people in Bewani, health care providers can more effectively work now they have access to clean water and lighting in the health centre. People with disability and patients requiring emergency care are also able to access the facility due to the new ramp.  

 The transformation has been welcomed by the community and staff at the centre. “We used to use a torch to attend to labour cases and other emergencies at night, and fetch water from the tank outside and carry it into the facility for use,” said health worker Ekson Tegerok.  

 “Now, the light is helping us, especially during emergencies at night. Water is pumped into the building making it easy for us to use for infection prevention control measures. This has also boosted the level of confidence of the community and health staff in that this facility can deliver service to them.”  

 Domi is one of 96 Australia Awards PNG alumni from cohort 2019-2022 who received funding under the AGS to implement similar projects.  

 “This is a very good initiative by Australia Awards Papua New Guinea to support alumni with the development of our communities. With Australia’s support, we can make a difference in our community,” said Domi.  

 The AGS supports alumni to contribute to PNG’s economic and social development including building strong and positive relationships with Australia.