Selecting Course Preferences

SCAM ALERT - Beware of fake Australia Awards Scholarships websites being shared on social media accounts

There have been reports of fake websites offering scholarships and visas to international students. Please be advised that Australia Awards Scholarships does not engage any agents or individuals to process scholarship applications. Application must be completed and submitted through the Online Australia Awards Scholarships Information System:


Applicants must nominate two course preferences on their scholarship application that are included in AAPNG’s priority sectors and study topics. The two course preferences are very important, because:

  • applicants’ suitability for the scholarship will be assessed based on their application responses about their nominated two courses
  • the selection panel are interested in understanding what the applicant wants to study and why they chose that topic
  • course changes will not be possible after the application is submitted, so applicants must be confident that the two course preferences they nominate on their application are the appropriate choices.

Applicants are responsible for fully researching and investigating course options prior to submitting their application.

Applicants can search for courses available for international students in Australia by visiting the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) website:

Please note that applicants are required to record on their application their courses name, institution name and CRICOS reference code.



AAPNG recommends that applicants visit the relevant university websites and undertake thorough research on the courses they are interested in studying. AAPNG suggests that applicants consider:

  • duration of the course
  • entry requirements stated on the university website
  • course structure and any course specialisations
  • click on the individual subjects to see what is included in each aspect of the course
  • relevance of the content of the individual subjects to applicant’s work in PNG
  • impact of this course on applicant’s knowledge and skills
  • academic staff that teach the course – consider the key people and their specialisations
  • reputation of the institution within the applicant’s sector. For example, if the applicant works in agriculture, consider if the university has a strong reputation in the agriculture sector.
Photo of Tania Areori at her graduation at Charles Sturt University