Short Course Awards Key Features

  • Specialised course delivered by reputable Australian education providers
  • Flexibility for senior staff who may have already received post-graduate qualifications or are unable to be released for longer-term study
  • Provision of support for pre-course and post-course workshops
  • Opportunities for professional networking through meetings, events and site visits in Papua New Guinea and Australia
  • Provision of support for personal or group Short Course Award workplace projects for participants
  • Opportunities for networking with more than 5,000 alumni in PNG, most of whom have an excellent record of rising to positions of leadership across a wide range of fields
  • Highly competitive selection process

Short Course Award Benefits

  • Provision of pre-course and post-course workshops in Papua New Guinea, including return domestic airfares (where applicable)
  • Course learning in Australia and/or Papua New Guinea, including return airfares (domestic and/or international, where applicable)
  • Accommodation at course locations
  • Per diems, when living away from home
  • Tuition fees
  • Australian visa
  • Health cover for the duration of Short Course Award in Australia (only)

Short Course Award Structure

Short Course Awards include a five-day pre-course workshop, a short course delivered in either PNG, Australia or a combination of both, and a five-day post-course workshop in PNG.