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STEM teacher leads by example

In observance of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we celebrate the
achievements of educators like Paula Niandros Polume.


Rachel Koralyo is a biologist-turned-educator at Wapenamanda Four Square Secondary School in
Enga Province.

Surviving the tsunami and became a teacher

Gethrude Amunti survived the tsunami that swept away the whole Sissano village in West Sepik Province 25 years ago. She obtained a Diploma in Primary Teaching through an Australia Awards Scholarship and is now teaching at Olbrum Primary School. The school currently sits on land that was a place of refuge for Gethrude and her family when fleeing from the tsunami that claimed more than 2,000 lives.

The legacy continues for Mary Roroipe

For most coastal people, the sea is part of their way of life – this is true for 29-year-old marine engineer Mary Roroipe. From an early age, Mary was exposed to seafaring through her late father’s small craft business, chartering passengers across the maritime province of Milne Bay. So, it comes as no surprise that Mary followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming a marine engineer after completing a marine cadetship, supported by an Australia Awards PNG scholarship.

Profession for all

Despite being a male nurse in a profession often seen as traditional for women, Issac is proud to break stereotypes and serve his community with compassion and excellence. “Nursing is not just a profession for women, it’s a profession for all,” says Issac. “I want to make a difference in the lives of my patients, regardless of their background,” says Issac with empathy.

Commemorating Seafarer’s Day: Celebrating Women in Maritime

Today, on Seafarer’s Day, we appreciate the extraordinary women who are part of the maritime industry, paving the way for aspiring women seafarers. These remarkable individuals are part of the Australia Awards Maritime Scholarship Program for women, an initiative established through a partnership between Australia Awards PNG and Steamships Trading Company. This program goes beyond addressing the global shortage of female seafarers—it is a catalyst for gender equality and empowerment.

Breaking through cultural barriers

Gaining an additional educational qualification means ‘breaking through a cultural barrier’ for Muhaveso Bathsheba Korano.
 Holder of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science, Muhaveso says she decided to pursue a qualification in teaching so she could “contribute to educating more women and girls in math and science.”

Passionate to educate

Joshua Yowani saw the lack of teachers in his village as an obstacle to a better future for his people. “I wanted to be a teacher so I could educate students in my society, and they could contribute to developing our province.” Apart from teaching the children, he also wanted to be a role model, opening their eyes to more possibilities for the future.

A vocation for Vincent

“The smiling faces of children welcomed me as I walked into the classroom for the first time,” Vincent Eka explained of his first teaching experience, saying that this would be a special year to remember.

Vincent obtained a Diploma in Primary Teaching from the Sacred Heart Teachers College through an Australia Awards PNG Scholarship in 2021. He says, “I am thankful for the opportunity that I was able to complete my three years of studies through the scholarship and now I am a proud teacher.”

Teacher saves his school

Originating from the small village of Tangu in Bogia District, Paul Taguti says that he wanted to be a teacher because there are not many educated people in his village.
After completing his primary and secondary levels of education in Madang, Paul earned a Diploma in Primary Teaching at Sacred Heart Teachers College in the nation’s capital, through an Australia Awards scholarship in 2022.

Teaching agriculture

Teaching agriculture

In the remote Trobriand group of islands in Milne Bay Province, is a teacher who is having a significant impact on his community through his passion for agriculture. Nathan Kabisawali, a teacher at Kiriwina High School, is devoted to teaching his students about sustainable farming practices and food security.

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Everyone can make a difference

Everyone can make a difference

Gethrude Waneng wanted to become a teacher to inspire young people and be a role model. She aims to show her students “that through commitment in education they can make a difference”. After completing a Bachelor of Education, (Secondary Teaching STEM) at St Peter...

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Jimson values Australia Awards Scholarship

Jimson values Australia Awards Scholarship

From a humble beginning in the Sirunki village in Enga province comes Jimson Nyata, a young man full of dreams to help his community. Despite the financial challenges that he faced, he persevered with determination through his educational journey and obtained a Diploma in General Nursing through an Australia Awards in-PNG Scholarship.

“The scholarship means a lot to me. I wouldn’t have successfully completed my diploma in nursing without its help. I was financially handicapped and disadvantaged and could not support myself while pursuing my dream. I thank Australia Awards Scholarship for lightening my financial burden and for other great support throughout the study. Because of your great support and generosity, I am who I am today,” says Jimson Nyata.

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Nurse’s greatest achievement gaining a tertiary education

Nurse’s greatest achievement gaining a tertiary education

“My dream is to become a doctor. It has been, ever since I was a child. However, getting into nursing college was an opportunity and I am glad I chose nursing,” says Yolanda Som, Australia Awards PNG alumna.
Yolanda and more than 40 Papua New Guineans have been supported by Newcrest Mining Limited through the Australia Awards In-PNG Scholarships to study nursing and midwifery since 2017

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