Disability Inclusive Support

What is a disability?
Disability can include physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory, neurological and learning impairment, physical disfigurement or the presence in the body of disease-causing organisms (for example, HIV). In some cases, a student with a disability may experience challenges that inhibit their full participation in their study program.

What is considered not a disability
Illness that can be corrected with interventions may not be considered
a disability. Examples may include asthma that can be treated with medication and short-sightedness that can be corrected with glasses. Further, some treatments may not be covered by Australia Awards PNG support, for example physiotherapy or other health-related services.

Applying for a scholarship
Scholarship applicants are encouraged to share information about their disability in their application. Australia Awards PNG can then assist people where appropriate and practicable. An applicant who shares information about their disability in their application will be invited to complete a Disability Support Statement. This information will help Australia Awards PNG determine if support is required for further selection processes, if the application is shortlisted for further consideration.

For further information:
Contact the Australia Awards In-PNG Scholarships team
e: incountry@australiaawardspng.org
t: 3211 766 / 7373 3800
m: 7014 1974 or 7275 9270 or 7073 5219 or 7051 1405

More information about Australia’s support for people with disability is available on the following websites: