From a humble beginning in the Sirunki village in Enga province comes Jimson Nyata, a young man full of dreams to help his community. Despite the financial challenges that he faced, he persevered with determination through his educational journey and obtained a Diploma in General Nursing through an Australia Awards in-PNG Scholarship.

“The scholarship means a lot to me. I wouldn’t have successfully completed my diploma in nursing without its help. I was financially handicapped and disadvantaged and could not support myself while pursuing my dream. I thank Australia Awards Scholarship for lightening my financial burden and for other great support throughout the study. Because of your great support and generosity, I am who I am today,” says Jimson Nyata.

Jimson’s childhood dream was to become a medical professional so that he could touch lives by providing health services. This came to reality after he graduated from Enga School of Nursing and was among the front-liners saving lives at Port Moresby General Hospital, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jimson Nyata

“Looking back at how far I came, from the broken family and environment, is a blessing in disguise,” says Jimson.

Jimson, now 24, was only four years old when his parents divorced, and his mother left, leaving him with his father and grandmother. He says that it was difficult growing up without a mother to support him.

Despite this, Jimson was serious about attending class while in primary and secondary schools. His father’s advice to him was to prioritize education. “I am the first born in a family that has no educational background,” he says. “I had to break this barrier through my educational journey.”

He successfully completed grades nine and ten at Sirunki Secondary School and received a leadership award for his service as the student representative council president.

After completing his grade 12 at Sir Tei Abal Secondary School, he made it through to the nursing college and achieved the qualification he dreamed of.

“One thing I learned is to treat patients holistically and not just the disease,” says Jimson. “This helps me to know each patient, understand their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and provide optimal care that improves patients’ health outcomes.”

“I adore my life-saving job,” he says. “My joyous moment is a patient’s recovery, and my saddest moment is a patient’s deterioration. Every day I would touch a life, or a life would touch me. However, I am always satisfied at the end of the day regardless of the outcome because I have provided care, compassion, and treatment to a person.”

Jimson has worked with the National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA) COVID-19 Risk Management Team and then moved on to St John Ambulance, working in a COVID-19 ward at the COVID-19 Center. “I am now looking forward to work in my new role as a nursing officer at St John’s Ambulance,” he says.

Jimson is proud to contribute to the nation’s development in his service as a nurse. He is also thinking of furthering his studies and returning home to Enga province to serve his people.