“I believe that, without the opportunity of studying abroad I wouldn’t have realised the significance of being a change agent myself and ensuring the work I do benefits people in the community,” says Donny Kupamu, Australia Awards PNG graduate.

“There is a broader perspective that I have developed. I can really see the need for services to be delivered to communities and their people. Before the studies, my thinking was always around myself without really understanding how I could be impacting others. In the community I live and work in, people can see the difference in the way I live and do things and how I respect others and the community values me.”

Donny graduated with a Master of Education in Leadership and Management through the Australia Awards in 2016. He studied at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Donny now works with Save the Children as Area Manager of the East Sepik Office and delivers programs within the province and in the Eastern Highlands.

Donny after his graduation at Queensland University of Technology

“The scholarship enabled me to learn from different people around the globe and it fully changed my perspectives of working in a multicultural environment. It gave me confidence in discussing work as well as speaking to people from diverse backgrounds. The studies enabled me to align my projects to Government of PNG development goals in terms of interpreting policies and plans and changing them into activities that contribute to development and service delivery.”

Since returning to PNG, Donny has contributed to a wide range of development projects in health and education as well as natural disaster national emergency responses including for volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The studies have provided me an avenue to change career and also to benefit my family in terms of seeing new places and other benefits that come from me studying abroad, being employed by an international organisation, and the family cover and support that is provided by my employer.”

Applications for Intake 2023 Australia Awards Scholarships are open until 29 April midnight PNG time and information sessions are being held at locations across the country and online.

“My advice to those considering applying for this scholarship is to start early, by deciding on a course, checking the requirements and putting together an application. The Australia Awards PNG team are very helpful, they will provide you guidance and advice where needed to ensure you shape your application to be the best to be considered.”