Brenda Letag knows a thing or two about professional challenges – and what it takes to overcome them.

Ms Letag is the only midwife at the busy Bogia Health Centre in Madang Province.

Her skills and judgement are put to the test every day as she works to ensure mothers’ and babies’ health and well-being.

And she says the skills she honed during her Bachelor in Midwifery as a Newcrest Mining-sponsored Australia Awards In-PNG scholar are a big part of her success.

Ms Letag names practical birthing support and proposal writing as two key areas of learning at Lutheran School of Nursing, where she graduated in 2018.

‘I try my best to ensure that all the mothers are safe during deliveries. I do all I can if there are complications before discharging them,’ Ms Letag says.

‘Otherwise, I refer them to Modilon General Hospital [in central Madang].

‘As well, I have discussions with my supervisors to ensure that services continue to be available to patients [after they’re discharged].’

In recognition of her skills, Brenda was the first In-PNG Scholarships alumna to participate in a PNG Australia Alumni Association Directors Training, in Madang in May 2019.

Brenda says that, during the training, she gained further skills that help her to work well with partners and stakeholders, evaluate projects and manage risks.

‘The training has empowered me to be a manager in my field,’ she says.

Since 2017 Australia Awards has partnered with Newcrest Mining to contribute to improved service delivery in the health sector through the provision of 33 nursing and midwifery scholarships.

Engagement with the private sector to support Papua New Guinea’s economic growth and prosperity is a priority for the Australian Government.  Such engagement fosters skills development and essential services delivery and supports Australia’s enduring partnership with PNG.