Application Process

Before you start your application, first check that you meet the eligibility criteria. Once you’re eligible you will be required to register and provide your contact information in order to receive the application form. This will be sent to your personal email address. The following links will further support your application.

    1. Eligibility – check that you meet the eligibility criteria.
    2. How to Apply how to submit my application?
    3. Priority sectors and fields of study – what are the areas of priority development that I should know?
    4. Category type – which category can I apply under?
    5. Levels of study can I study at Diploma, Undergraduate, Masters or Doctorate levels?
    6. Participating Australian Institutions – which institutions can I study at?
    7. Useful websites – where can I access more useful information?
    8. Frequently asked questions – tips to help guide your research when applying.
    9. Resources – informative documents and videos to help applicants submit a strong application.