Short Courses

Graduate Certificate in Leadership

Australia Awards PNG is seeking experienced, upcoming leaders in state-owned enterprises and medium to large companies operating in the private sector to apply for a Graduate Certificate in Leadership.

The course will target those in managerial positions of responsibility, with the aim of providing both individuals and organisations with increased capacity to operate efficiently; profitably; successfully leading strategy, teams, change and performance, across a complex organisation.

Organisations are strongly encouraged to identify employees working in provincial locations, women, and people with disability to apply for this professional development opportunity.

To be eligible you must demonstrate that:

  • you have a recognised Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • you have a minimum of five years’ work experience in management or equivalent professional experience
  • you are employed in a state-owned enterprise or you work in a medium to large company operating in the private sector
  • your application is endorsed and supported by your manager and head of organisation
  • you have a minimum academic English proficiency of IELTS 6.5 (shortlisted applicants may be required to undertake a test facilitated by Australia Awards PNG)
  • you are committed to implement a workplace project, which is approved by your manager, and ideally which you are currently working on as part of your role (as an individual or as part of a team)
  • you can engage actively and foster networks with multiple stakeholders, including in Australia, and to disseminate learning from the course with students, colleagues, and peers.

Successful completion of the University of South Australia Graduate Certificate in Leadership will provide a pathway towards higher qualifications, should you pursue further studies in the future.

Applications close.