Applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship is a competitive process. There are a number of assessment requirements that applicants must meet in order to prove their academic ability to successfully complete studies in Australia. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that their chosen course of study will enable them to contribute to the development of Papua New Guinea.

To assist applicants submit strong applications, here are some tips.


Choosing where to study in Australia

Choosing which state in Australia to take up studies is exciting. Each state has a different cost of living and different climate and lifestyle experience. Depending on personal preference and if your family will join you, deciding between a nice small quiet town or the lights of the urban cities will be an important factor to consider when choosing which institution you choose to study at. Visit the Australian Government website to start researching about where you can live and study in Australia.

Choosing a course of study

When deciding which two (2) course preferences to indicate on your application form, you are encouraged to research these thoroughly taking into consideration the entry requirements for each institution and of course the cost of living in that state of Australia. To begin your course research visit the CRICOS website which lists all courses available to international students.

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It tests individual’s proficiency in English and is used by more than 9000 education and training providers worldwide. Applicants who are eligible for an Australia Awards Scholarship will be required to sit a compulsory IELTS in Port Moresby. In order to study in Australia, applicants must be able to meet the entry requirements of Australian tertiary institutions. To lean more about IELTS visit