Priority sectors

Each year, both the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea agree on priority sectors that will target key development areas in Papua New Guinea. For the 2019 intake, the Priority Sectors include:

· Health
· Education
· Governance
· Law & Justice
· Transport & Infrastructure
· Agriculture

Priority fields of study

The priority areas of study for Papua New Guinea are:

Health: E.g. Allied Health (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy); Public Health (including Epidemiology; Maternal and Neonatal Health; Tropical Disease Prevention and Treatment) and Nursing.

Law and Justice: E.g.Public Prosecutions, Anti-Corruption, Legislative/ Administrative Review and Investigations, Conflict Prevention, Resolution, Peace, Security and Public Law.

Economics, Governance and Public Sector Management: E.g. Enabling Systems and Service Delivery (Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Public Financial Management, Human Resources, Procurement); International Relations and Trade.

Education: E.g. Education and TVET / Higher Education Policy and Management (including Quality Assurance); Specialist Teaching (including teaching people with special needs).

Transport and Infrastructure: E.g. Public Infrastructure Planning and Management; Aviation (non-flying); Airport Management; Safety; Security and Emergency Response; Civil Engineering / Maintenance (airports, ports, roads).

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM): E.g. Environment and Climate Change; Data Science; Monitoring and Evaluation; Engineering; Technology; Physics; Mathematics; Biology and Chemistry.

Agriculture:E.g. Agriculture; Agribusiness; Veterinary Science; Animal Science and Husbandry; Food Security; and Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Other: E.g. Gender, Family and Sexual Violence; Disability; Entrepreneurship / Small and Medium Enterprise Development (including Tourism).

*Generic qualifications such as Business, Management and Information Technology studies will only be considered if a strong contribution to a Priority Sector is demonstrated


Current awardee Cathy Pilang was invited to present her research paper on “Exploring the self-perceived preparedness of Community Health Worker graduates and clinicians to practice in rural and remote culturally diverse setting of Papua New Guinea" at the 5th Annual Conference of the Christian Health Services held in Port Moresby.

"As someone like me, a rural community health worker to receive an Australia Award I am truly privileged and blessed to be able to advance the profession of Community Health Work in Papua New Guinea. Without the support of the scholarship, I would not be able to carry out my research and effectively contribute to the health profession. I hope that through this research, we can produce competent Community Health Workers who are also leaders in our rural communities!"