Levels of Study

Applicants from Papua New Guinea can apply for a scholarship at the following levels of study listed below.

  1. Post Doctorate Degree (PhD) programs
    Prioritised for applicants currently employed in Higher Education and Research Institutes (the maximum duration for a PhD is four years).
  2. Master (course work & research) degree courses
    The majority of scholarships are available for postgraduate coursework programs (the maximum duration for a Master degree is two years).
  3. Diploma/Undergraduate
    Limited awards will be offered in exceptional circumstances ( i.e the proposed course is not available in PNG, however will contribute to a priority sector, or for applicants with a disability).


Australia Awards Scholarships are not available for courses:

  • that do not contribute to a Priority Sector;
  • undergraduate courses that require more than four years of study;
  • undergraduate courses that are available at tertiary education institutions in Papua New Guinea;
  • training in areas related to nuclear technology or flying an aircraft;
  • study by distance or external mode unless as part of CRICOS registered course where the majority of units are undertaken in the primary institution;
  • military training;
  • training in counter-subversion methods, the suppression of political dissent or intelligence procurement.



Qualifications must be progressive. Scholarships will not be available where the applicant has already achieved that level of qualification.

Joel Hamago pursued a Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development at the Australian National University in Canberra.