Category type

Applicants can apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship under two categories, Open Category or Public Category.

Open category

Applicants under the Open category, are typically employed by Non-Government, private or faith-based organisations, or are self-employed. All employed applicants must be endorsed by the General Manager of their employing organisation. Self-employed applicants will require the endorsement of their pastor or a senior community leader.

Public Servants are not eligible to apply under this category.

All applicants must be able to substantiate how their intended studies will contribute to development in Papua New Guinea. Applicants are expected to return home for a period of two years after the completion of their award, to contribute to the development of identified priority sectors for which they were initially selected for.

Public category

Public category applicants are permanent public servants employed by Papua New Guinea Government departments and national universities. Public servant applicants must be nominated by their Head of Agency and endorsed by the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) for a scholarship.

Public category applicants must also meet the following Government of Papua New Guinea requirements:

  • be permanent public servants and completed a minimum of two years’ service
  • comply with the requirements of the General Orders in terms of the necessary Overseas Donor funded Learning and Development Bid forms with respective agencies in consultation with Department of Personnel Management
  • gain endorsement from their agency and approval by the Secretary, Department of Personnel Management
  • complete and submit the Australia Awards Scholarships Application Form by the closing date
  • have the ‘Current Employer’s Supporting Statement and Endorsement’ in the Australia Awards Scholarship 2019 application form completed and signed by the Head of the Organisation, Human Resource Manager or Authorised Officer at their Department, Provincial Administration or Statutory Body
  • apply for a course related to their current employment (e.g. Public Policy)
  • Public category applicants are expected to return to their employment organisation or sector in Papua New Guinea for a minimum of two years at the completion of their award. This is in order to strengthen the public sector capacity of the country and thus fulfill the objective of Australia Awards in achieving the development outcomes of Papua New Guinea.

Richard Simbil with fellow Australia Awards Leadership Program recipients in Canberra.